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Is there a $50B Industry Hidden In The Last Mile of Life Sciences?

Today’s guest on the Leader’s Agenda is Ranjeet Banerjee. Tarja and Ranjeet sat down to talk about the last-mile of the supply chain within Life Sciences and the collaboration that Ranjeet thinks is necessary to solve some of the most important problems of our future.


Ranjeet Banerjee is an extremely successful and experienced medical technology executive who has spent the last 25 years with Becton Dickinson. Ranjeet earned a Bachelor of Technology in Chemical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology and brings a wealth of experience in growing branded, medical-oriented, high-technology businesses both organically and through acquisition.

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Leader’s Agenda is an innovative series designed to elevate your leadership impact. Show host, Tarja Huuskonen has served as the CEO of Action for Results for over two decades and has spent much of her career helping life sciences leaders build future capabilities and navigate a fast-changing landscape. Leader’s Agenda distills these key learnings into actionable advice and brings forward unique conversations from today’s leaders so that you can learn directly from the source. Join us as we explore how leaders tackle extraordinary circumstances, build and maintain a healthy organization, and of course, what leaders are doing today, to prepare for tomorrow.

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Tarja Huuskonen is often described as a transformationalist, both in her personal life, as well as in the companies that she guides to a better future through the work of Action for Results. Her life’s work has been about transformation and healthcare: building innovation and product delivery capabilities and cultures that foster curiosity, collaboration and peak performance for best patient and business outcomes. She’s advised, trained and facilitated hundreds of executive teams and leaders in pharmaceutical and med-tech companies globally, on how to rethink their business models and processes, and make their visions come true by leading and empowering internal teams and external partnerships. Tarja has experienced first-hand what great medical product innovations can do in the hands of well-trained doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals. The platinum coils inside her brain are just one innovation that she walks around with, but the ICU was filled with them! Imagine how many teams it took to design and make all the medical devices, equipment and drugs that saved her life after a ruptured brain aneurysm.


The Leader’s Agenda show is the cumulation of Tarja’s life work to now share powerful conversations at scale. Listen along as she fosters exclusive conversations with today’s leaders, digging deep to understand what works, and what doesn’t.

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